To Love, Honor, and Kill - Lee Butcher

To Love, Honor, and Kill - Lee Butcher

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The Perfect Couple. . .
On a hot summer night, near St. Augustine, Florida, a beautiful couple--who had everything going for them--went for a walk on the beach. By midnight, April Barber was dead, her husband Justin was riddled with bullets, and police had a baffling mystery on their hands. . .
The Perfect Motive. . .
Investigators soon suspected that Justin himself was the killer and that the attack was a carefully planned sham. The motive: Justin had carried out multiple affairs and was strapped for the kind of cash April's life insurance would pay. But the cops had a problem. They had no murder weapon, no witnesses, no DNA--no hard evidence at all.
The Perfect Crime?
For months investigators built their case. But as a nation turned its attention to a riveting courtroom confrontation, the duel between investigators and suspect exploded into a shocking drama. Now a jury would have to decide Justin's fate--and whether or not he'd carried out the perfect crime. . .
Includes 16 pages of shocking photos!
Lee Butcher Is the author of eight nonfiction books, most recently "Love Me or I'll Kill You." He is an award-winning journalist with thirty years of experience reporting and writing for newspapers, magazines, and television and the former editor of several publications, including "Florida Trend, Texas Business, San Jose Business Journal, " and "The Staunton Mirror." Butcher studied writing at The Handy Colony and taught journalism for three years at The University of South Florida. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida.


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Goodreads rating: 3.32/5