The Nizam's Daughters - Allan Mallinson

The Nizam's Daughters - Allan Mallinson

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Another riveting Matthew Hervey adventure from the Sunday Times bestselling author Allan Mallinson, combining hero, history and drama to perfection. If you like Patrick O'Brian and Sharpe, you'll love this!

"A marvellous read, paced like a well-balanced symphony ... This is more than a ripping yarn..." - The Times

"This is an engaging work...The attention to detail is admirable" -- Daily Express
"I strongly recommend this book (and the series) to any lover of this genre. FIVE STARS" - ***** Reader review.


 Fresh from the field at Waterloo, and leaving behind his fiancée Lady Henrietta Lindsey, Matthew Hervey is dispatched to India on a secret mission.

The state of Chintal is threatened by both intrigue from within and military might from without. Hervey finds he is once more destined for the battlefield.

In a land at once alien, exotic and beguiling, Matthew Hervey's mettle will be tested to the limit...

Have you read A Close Run Thing - the first Matthew Hervey adventure? The Nizam's Daughters is the second book in Allan Mallinson's Matthew Hervey series. His adventures continue in A Regimental Affair.


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Goodreads Rate: 3.94/5