The Love That God Forgot - Alexander Cordell

The Love That God Forgot - Alexander Cordell

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Wales has reached the apex of her industrial clamour. But young Tom Mortymer,

son of rich industrialist Iestyn Mortymer, has turned his back on his inheritance,

exchanging the bell-clang and fire of his Upper Forest Tinplate Works in Morriston

for the simplicity and wanderlust of a gypsy existence with his young Romany wife,

Jen Wildflower.

In time they come to settle on Flatholm Island where they become a refuge for the

animals. Self-sufficiency is their ultimate goal; the substantial income from tinplate

is ignored.

But their simple idyll does not last. They are aware of a strange malevolence towards


One frightening incident follows another until it is clear to tom and Jen that they will

have to abandon their home and return to Cefn-Ydfa, their mansion in Maesteg. Their

decision coincides with the arrival in Cardiff of Jethro Mortymer, Tom's uncle - whom

he had long believed dead. Would Jethro be able to shed any light on Tom and Jen's

continuing nightmare?


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Goodreads Rating: 3.57/5