Guide Des Mamans Debutantes - Anne Bacus

Guide Des Mamans Debutantes - Anne Bacus

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A child comes into your life , and suddenly everything changes. Here is a simple and practical guide that accompanies mother and child for the first twelve months of life.

Month by month:
Food: feed on time or on demand, what to give ...
The life of a child: the bath, the need for sleep, entering the nursery, beware of dangers! ..
Learning: sitting position, manual skill, babbling ...
Health: regurgitation, diaper rash, first tooth ...
Education and psychology: evening crying, awareness of those around you , the spoiled child, the beginnings of anguish, the transitional object or "doudou" ...

Doctor in psychology and mother of two children. She has already published several books on infaznce, and also on intelligence testing and recruitment.


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