Fatal Illusions - James R. Lucas

Fatal Illusions - James R. Lucas

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People -- and their companies -- can get stuck in old patterns and outdated perceptions. Their behavior is often based on what they want to be true about their business or the marketplace, rather than what is actually true. Illusions such as these run rampant in organizations: "Of course our people understand what's important".

"Everybody knows what quality is".

"We don't need passion if we have a good plan".

Fatal Illusions takes a unique approach to understanding organizational shortcomings and achieving real success. The book explores 12 harmful illusions that managers tenaciously cling to -- about mission statements, teamwork, incentives, quality, change management, and more.

And the book offers solutions for avoiding or correcting each misperception. By overcoming these fatal illusions, managers can break debilitating patterns and learn how to:

- set and achieve realistic corporate goals

- create an open, honest, forward-thinking organization

- increase motivation and boost team work

- get more satisfaction out of work and out of life.

This book will help managers "get real" -- and help their companies get ahead.


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Goodreads rating: 3.2/5